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News API v4 - FXStreet News service is a totally exclusive and original news feed. The Editorial Team at FXStreet works around the clcok, offering between 200-250 news / day. On top of that, our automatic calendar headlines add an additional 40-50. Besides, FXStreet News service runs in multiple languages, from German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and DAX 30 Live Chart - Dax 30 Realtime Trading Chart Dax Live Chart - Dax 30 Realtime Dax 30 Realtime, Aktienkurse Dax Xetra. Calc Daily Charts News Pivots. About DAX30. Germany's largest cap stocks are contained within the DAX 30 index. Trading via CFD or spread betting is very popular on the DAX 30 as it is well known for wild intraday swings. This, of course, comes with high risk as well as

DAX 30 (DAX) Index Forecast, News & Analysis, Page

Contract months. Standard - up to 9 months: The three nearest quarterly months of the March, June, September and December cycle. Last trading day and final settlement day. Last trading day is the final settlement day. Final settlement day is the third Friday of each maturity month if this is an exchange day; otherwise the exchange day immediately preceding that day. DAX Market Movers | DAX Gainers and Losers | Markets Insider

DailyFX is the leading portal for financial market news covering forex, commodities, and indices. Discover our charts, forecasts, analysis and more. News feed, the leading Forex website, can now be integrated in any information website or broker's currencies platform. Shanghai's SSE Composite, DAX, Eurostoxx50, SP500, DJ30, etc) and commodities news (gold, oil, copper, silver, iron ore etc) when important movements occur and have noteworthy impacts on the currencies EURGBP and German Dax Analysis | Forex Crunch Jul 05, 2017 How to Trade Dax 30: Trading Strategies and Tips Learn the top trading strategies for Dax 30 with our expert guide. Tips include Dax trading using technical analysis and the best times to trade. DAX Index Today (GDAXI) - představuje unikátní seminář s hostem - Patrikem Urbanem, který působil jako profesionální trader na Wall Streetu. Praktické použití technické analýzy, Price Action a …

DailyFX is the leading portal for financial market news covering forex, commodities, and indices. Discover our charts, forecasts, analysis and more. DAX exchange rate. Charts, forecast poll, current trading positions and technical analysis. Keep informed on DAX updates. 26 May 2020 Daily Analysis. Dax holding above first support at 11325/335 is a strong buy signal targeting a selling opportunity at 11560/590 with stops above  2 days ago The above charts show the DAX. The left chart reflects the daily time frame. Here, the index is moving up; its momentum defined by the green  12 May 2020 However, more substantiated evidence of increased trade tensions could drag the Dax significantly lower. Global recession. As an exported 

Index DAX - Intradenní výhled 12.3.2019 Preferovaný scénář: Dlouhé (long) pozice nad 11 565 s cílem na 11 655 a dále pak až na 11 680. Index DAX - Intradenní výhled 12.3.2020 Preferovaný scénář: Krátké (short) pozice pod 10 385 s cílem na 9 440 a dále pak až na 9 090. Index DAX - …

Trading News & Analysis for Forex, Commodities ... - DailyFX Jun 09, 2020 DAX Futures - The DAX futures index is under pressure having given back -0.70% of the Asian session highs. However 1H remains neutral (RSI = 45.909, MACD = 15.900, ADX = 21.907) as since yesterday's 12,750, it AND function (DAX) - DAX | Microsoft Docs Return value. Returns true or false depending on the combination of values that you test. Remarks. The AND function in DAX accepts only two (2) arguments. If you need to perform an AND operation on multiple expressions, you can create a series of calculations or, better, use the AND operator (&&) to join all of them in a simpler expression.Example 1

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